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아 팬질 기빨린다 …………… 

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@chordoverstreet@CoryMonteith @chordoverstreet (physical comedy genius)” that’s how it’s done son

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추워서 운동을 못한다는건 다 변명이다. 사실은 운동하기가 귀찮은것이었다. 

나중에 나 같은 딸 낳을까봐 두렵다.. 

And what about the Oscars, will you go?

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Peter Jackson makes awesome behind the scene video.

That means, someday, we’ll get images of Benny, in a grey spotted pyjamas, rolling on the floor, making dragon faces.

The Hobbit part II cannot be release without a video about motion capture. This would not be complete!

The day we’ll get that footage, it will be a glorious day my friends. And Tumblr shall be on fire!

Until then, keep calm and enjoy this pic. 

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